Compost hates bad air

The word compost most likely makes you think of farmers, barns, and cows doesn’t it? Isn’t composting only for people who live in rural areas? Well turns out, it’s extremely beneficial for the planet and can be done in rural areas, all within your convenience! (all you need is water, food scraps, and a willing mind).


Another important question you may be wondering; How come making soil is better for the planet when dirt exists everywhere around us? The thing is compost isn’t just dirt, but some nutrient-rich based soil made from organic waste with many benefits for the planet.

  1.   When you compost your food scraps, you prevent them from decomposing in anaerobic conditions (absence of oxygen),  which stops the creation of methane and carbon dioxide. In other words, you’re directly fighting against climate change. But your impact doesn’t stop there, check out point 3.
  2. It provides a rich-nutrient soil that can be used to grow local vegetables, fruits, and plants.
  3. Compost may help sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over a 3 year period.
  4. It retains water moisture making the watering of plants less necessary. (especially needed in places like California)
  5. It balances the pH of the soil it is mixed with.
  6. It fights against pathogens and provides a layer of security against harmful bacteria.
  7. It provides the roots of plants with the ability to shield themselves  from harmful heavy metals that may be present in the soil. (Mercury, lead, chromium, etc…)
  8. It gives nutrients to plants when in need.
  9. It brings and supports beneficial bacteria.


Why composting with us is so easy and even more impactful.

You might want to compost but maybe live in an apartment or just too busy or don’t want to do the whole process yourself. Well we hear you loud and clear and we have the solution. Compost with us; sign up on our website to get your free compost bucket, collect your food scraps, place it out on your doorstep and… that’s it! Your bucket will get cleaned (we pick up on Saturdays) and your food scraps will be sent to our station to create compost. Remember how we said your impact is multiplied when you compost with us? Since we use bikes (I know what you’re thinking, these kids are insane) you’re not just composting but supporting the movement of sustainable transportation. The use of bikes helps us achieve a collection service that emits zero emissions.