back2earth, a non-profit created by 4 kids in Miami, has just opened a new compost station in Coconut Grove. Thanks to a fundraising they collected more than $1000 to launch this station whose all Coconut Grove residents and beyond will be able to drop their organic waste. Our back2earth team will take care of this waste and transform it into compost.

This compost will then be donated and sold to people who want to use it for their garden, to grow vegetables, fruits or flowers.

The mission of these 4 kids with back2earth is to stop organic waste from reaching landfills in the most eco-friendly way, by providing an easy way to do compost without all the dirty work. Grow gardens, not landfills!

Emma, Anna, Mila and Ugo Angeletti (all siblings)

back2earth is a non-profit organization in Miami, founded by 4 kids, Emma, Anna, Mila and Ugo Angeletti.

Their story stems from a problem in our current society; food waste and its final destination in landfills, where it produces harmful greenhouse gases. In response to the small amount of action against this problem, they decided to act on a community level, but impact on a global scale.

They created a first compost station in South Miami in January 2018. There, they collect organic waste from more than 100 houses with a bike.